Mini Van Shopping

Mini Van shopping….

A couple months ago we (my hubby Al and I) decided we needed a bigger vehicle, I was driving a 2006 honda accord. With driving around two boys and a dog Al suggested a mini van. I did not want to be a soccer mom! After talking about it I agreed to at least check them out. We decided on either a Dodge Grand Caravan (stow and go) or a Honda Odyssey (lasts forever).

My parents suggested a guy that will do the research and find you the best deal for your $ and also sit through the process so you don’t get add on’s you don’t need. He will also negotiate to get you the best financing for your new car. I was under the impression he would negotiate at the dealership to knock down the price as well.

After paying the fee, he did all the research and i picked out one liked, unfortunately the one i wanted sold the day before. On to the next choice, he picked me up and we headed to check out a 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan (pic above), prior salvage title (so was my honda). Test drive went well, I had my own financing through my bank and decided to buy it.

On my way home… The brakes started thumping, it needed an oil change and the a/c in the back didn’t work (it blew out hot air). I returned it the next day, they were so nice to rent me a 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan for free until another van came in for me to look at. Called 2x yesterday and they have not gotten back to me if the van is in for me to look at.

Continuing my mini van shopping…

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