Schram Vineyards and Brewery

If you every find yourself near or in Waconia, less than an hour from Burnsville, MN. I highly suggest visiting Schram Vineyards. The wine is fruity, the beer is cold and the pizza is tasty. A cute little family owned farm is perfect to keep kids entertain and adults happy tasting wine and beer.

We visited the vineyard one July 29th 2017, They had an event going on so we could purchase 3 tastings for $5, plus you get to keep the tasting glass. They had another deal for more wine tastings but we had our boys with us.

We were joined by our good friends who also have two boys around my boys ages. The boys had fun playing on the bocce ball sand pit with their matchbox cars (they take cars everywhere with them) and washing the cars in the wine barrel water fountain. We each took turns going inside and sampling the wine and beer. We ordered a couple of delicious pizzas when the kids seemed hungry, they were ready in under a half hour and cooked in a brick pizza stove.

I loved the Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc and the Dirty Blond Ale they had on tap the best. They offer beer flights and growlers. They even have sour beers available. Very kid friendly due to all the land they have. They had plenty of patio tables with umbrellas outside and a big seating area inside. Bathrooms were very clean and tidy (had to change my sons underwear at one point, still working on potty training).

Since they had an event going on they had vender tables set-up outside and a food truck offering grilled food. It did get pretty crowded around 2:00pm when the live entertainment started. We will defiantly be back, ended up being a great day with great weather.

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  1. I’m from Washington state, the only place I’ve been to in MN is the airport 😉 This made me want to visit though, we’re always on the lookout for great breweries!

  2. I always love to read reviews of wineries and breweries! I’ve never been out to MN, but that sounds like a great place and what a great deal for the tastings/glass!

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