Doolittles Woodfire Grill

Doolittles Woodfire Grill in Eagan is my family’s favorite restaurant.

I started working at Doolittles about 10 years ago and many of the girls I worked with are still my friends now and some still work there. I did end up putting in my two weeks to try out another restaurant but then ended up going back again after I had my 1st kid. Its a great restaurant to work for and they really know how to treat their employees right.

My son Jameson always asks if we can go to the place by Wendy’s, meaning Doolittles. My boys love the spaghetti on the kids menu. I love almost everything on the menu. You seriously can’t go wrong. The buffalo wings (pic below) are rotisserie and covered in their homemade buffalo sauce. The fish tacos are crispy and full of flavor and the chicken wild rice soup is to die for ( I always request it when I’m sick). My hubby always gets the ribs, which are fall off the bone.

When I worked there all the staff were all so close, we still plan reunions together. About a month ago we had a reunion and about 25 people showed up. It was a great night catching up with everyone. I hope we have many more to come. Picture below is most of us that made it to the reunion.

My best friend is still a bartender at Doolittles so I end up there once a week to visit her and some other staff and put my cravings to rest. I highly suggest the bloody mary’s or sangria, both my favorites.

Doolittles was actually just featured on the news in Minnesota with my old manager Neil. If you are looking for great patio to enjoy mouthwatering food, cold drinks and a great service, visit Doolittles in Eagan. You will not be disappointed.


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