5 Tips to enjoy a kid-free vacation

Everyone needs a vacation, whether you work a stressful job or you are at home with children all day. I just recently took a trip to Las Vegas with my hubby for his cousin’s bachelor party. We had a great time although Vegas is not very relaxing, too much drinking and walking. To enjoy a vacation or time away from everyday life here are my true and tested tips.

1. Sleep naked (no picture, sorry!), If you are like me and have children living with you it is never a good idea to sleep naked at home. Only sleep naked when sharing a hotel room with just your significant other, believe me they will love it! Why do you even need pajamas on vacation?

2. Play a game, to name a few: the ground is lava, tag, stranger touch (where you touch a stranger and don’t get caught, example: rub someones hand and act like you didn’t just touch them). We made up a new game called pose like the poster. While walking through the mall or casino, we would see advertisements and opted to pose like the model/models. This game was very entertaining and hilarious.

pose ike a poster3. Try something new, whether it’s a new food or drink. If you like beer, I highly suggest Sin City Brewing. They have wide variety of beers that you can find at 7 different locations around Vegas. We visited the Sin City right outside of Planet Hollywood. My “something new” was a scorpion shot from Nacho Daddy’s. If you want more insight about the scorpion shots, visit my “5 places you MUST visit in Las Vegas” post.

4. Never say “NO”, I know thats hard to do, try it for an hour and see what happens. We did this and ended up checking out a lot of cool casinos and bars. Make sure you are not around the vendors at the time or you may end up with a signed cd with only one song on it for $5.

5. Bring a prop! I brought a baby, no not a real baby. I gifted a miniature pink baby to the bachelor, he named him “Mingo” after Flamingo (where we stayed) but it eventually was shortened to “Ming Ming”. We had a great time taking pictures at all the places we visited and catching all the mischief Ming Ming got into.

If you decide to visit Sin City, bring good walking shoes and buy beer at Walgreens/CVS (its much cheaper than the bars) and explore everything. Its a great city with a lot to offer. Hopefully you win big!

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2 Replies to “5 Tips to enjoy a kid-free vacation”

  1. I love the pose game idea! My previous visits to Vegas I’ve never play a game like that with my friends.
    Agreed on buying beer at CVS/Walgreens! I actually did that my first trip but then forgot to the other times I’ve been there so thank you for the reminder! Especially since I’ll be heading to Vegas at the end of this month.

  2. These ideas sound so fun! My husband and I love to get away for a weekend KID-FREE every year and it is seriously the best. Most times we forget we are even parents, haha! We will definitely be trying out Vegas sometime!

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